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Hamilton City

Ballet joins

World Dance

for Parkinson’s

Day virtual event

Mar 24, 2017 11:58 Dundas Star News
Dance For Parkinson’s

Volunteer Nathalie Loeb (left) mimics Terry McCartney in an exercise during a Dance For Parkinson’s class, hosted by Hamilton City Ballet. Hamilton Spectator photo


The Dundas-based Hamilton City Ballet will join nationally and internationally-acclaimed dance companies, community schools and independent teaching artists to showcase the diversity of dance-based programming for people with Parkinson’s.

The event will start unfolding on World Parkinson’s Day on April 11, and culminate in the full launch of the portal on International Dance Day/World Dance for Parkinson’s Day on April 29. The free online portal created specifically for the event — — will spotlight Dance for Parkinson’s classes and workshops from 12 cities on four continents.

Jody Van de Klippe, program director of Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s, said it is both inspiring and humbling to be a part of the program.

“We are excited for this opportunity to share our class, as well as our research collaboration, with the world. We all dance in the same language,” she said.


“We all dance in the same language.”


Parkinson’s affects more than 10 million people around the globe. A growing body of scientific research suggests that participating in a Dance for Parkinson’s program improves short-term mobility, balance, co-ordination and walking for people with Parkinson’s, as well as supporting social inclusion, positive mood and confidence.

Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s, which was launched in April 2013, is a series of ballet classes designed and created for people who have the disease.










The United Nations Postal Administration will issue a second set of stamps devoted to international dance March 23.

The first set was issued April 29, 2016, in conjunction with International Dance Day (Scott U.N./New York 1132-1333, Geneva 617-618 and Vienna 583-584).

According to Thanawat Amnajanan, UNPA chief, the International Dance series is being continued because of the extreme popularity of the first issue with collectors.





The Global Celebration of

Dance Day





Worldwide Online

  Dance Connects the World

29th of April 2017 World Dance Day

Organizers: Nicole. M / Laura B.

open for all viewers

  non commercial Students Video Project

Contact information:

Project is supported by Fundación Telefónica

International and the German Children and ​Youth Foundation 









International Dance Day: Dance promotes reciprocal knowledge and respect of diversity, says UNESCO


Dr. Lalit Kishore


International Dance Day (IDD) - established in 1982 and promoted by the International Dance Council, World Dance Alliance, International Theatre Institute and Conseil International de la Danse (CID) at UNESCO - is being celebrated in many countries on April 29.

Thanks to social media, for the last few years, even flashmob dance performances too are celebrated on IDD in many cities. It was in 2014, around that 50 classical dancers got together to perform a flashmob at Chennai and performed dance.

The main aim of IDD is to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance and its importance as a medium of expression, cultural understanding, education and wellbeing. According to UNESCO, dance promotes in a lively manner reciprocal knowledge and respect of diversity.
Here are a few quotes on dance on the occasion of IDD for you to relish.

"Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world," Voltaire.

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once," Friedrich Nietzsche.

"Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free," Rumi.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul," Martha Graham.

"Life is the dancer and you are the dance," Eckhart Tolle.

Here is my acrostic on DANCE.

D: Depictive and rhythmic body movement

A: Art form as

N: Non-verbal

C: Communication to

E: Express emotions, ideas or a story in performance setting









line pattern





 line pattern



Speech on Dance Day in Moscow 2011


We gathered here as dancers to celebrate our most important day of the year: World Dance Day.

Every year on 29 April millions of dancers rejoice and share their passion with dozens of millions of spectators.

Dance Day was established 30 years ago by the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, the official organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

Dance is a universal language; Dance is a passport; Dance opens the door to other countries, other peoples, other cultures. Dance promotes freedom, understanding, friendship, tolerance.

Dance is the most direct and effective means to implement the ideals of democratic society: freedom of expression, equality of rights, no discrimination.

As a person born in Greece, the birthplace of democracy and birthplace of the Olympic Games, I am particularly happy to see the olympic spirit present here, the ideals of brotherhood and fair competition applied to dance.

You are invited to visit the portal of CID - it is also in Russian. You will feel proud about how dance unites all the peoples of the world under one roof.

Show us your best dancing !
Dance for your brothers and sisters, dancers of the world !
Dance for those who cannot dance today as they suffer from hunger, from injustice, from war, from ignorance.
You are lucky to live in a free and prosperous country. Share your joy with others, show them the way to liberation of mind and body.

Dance your best !

Alkis Raftis

President of the International Dance Council CID




Message for the Dance Day


by Mikis Theodorakis 


Instinctive, loving, warlike, festive, ritual, holy, Dance ascends from terra firma to the stone threshold of the temple, to the hemicycle of the Greek odeon and finally to the stage of modem theatre. This universal dance which was born with Man is for us to respect, to glorify, to celebrate.

Mikis Theodorakis

 Athens, 9 April 1995

Instinctive, amoureuse, guerrière, festive, rituelle, sacrée, de la terre ferme la Danse s'élève sur le seuil de la pierre du temple, sur l'hémicycle de l'odéon grec, enfin sur les planches du théâtre moderne. Cette danse universelle qui est née avec l'homme, il faut la respecter, la glorifier, la célébrer.

Mikis Théodorakis

 Athènes, 29 avril 1995


Dance Day official website


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